In-House Crizal

Crizal in just 24 hoursOPL was one of the first labs in the southeast  to have an in-house processing center for Crizal AR coatings, the most trusted AR coating in the industry. In our coating center, OPL technicians apply Crizal, Crizal Alize, and Crizal Avancé coatings to your lenses to give them the highest quality AR coating available.

Crizal lenses are created with a state-of-the-art, 8-step manufacturing process that fuses 2-sided scratch resistance with anti-reflective properties and hydrophobic technology into the lens itself for unparalleled durability and performance.

Having the Crizal processing center in–house allows OPL to maintain an average of a 2 day turn-around on your Crizal lenses. This gets the Rx into your hands quicker and keeps your patients happy, satisfied that they chose you and the products you recommend.

This video will take you through the Crizal coating process, and will answer many of your questions about our advanced capabilities.